how to be my friend on tumblr


1. literally just fucking talk to me

2. thats it

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this gif looks like a couple o buddies headin on home while the’yre wasted out of their mind and peeta’s just obliterated cause he’s so drunk and katniss is cracking up cause finnick is crying about how he misses annie



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its all fun to change ur url to something festive but SOME of us have Brands to maintain

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current social status: ben wyatt eating soup on a bench alone

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Halloween costume idea: dress up as your URL

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I have friends around me all the time. I’ve started painting more. I’ve been working out a lot. I’ve started to really take pride in being strong. I love the album I made. I love that I moved to New York. So in terms of being happy, I’ve never been closer to that.

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SAME I’m gonna try to do it anyway tho

yeah same i really really want to do it so i just need to find time!

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i really want to do the mara dyer costume thing but i have no time ughhh

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"Come back to me, love…"

(part II of this.)

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